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15% OFF Windows for a Healthy Home & Economy

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Tom Harrigan


15% OFF Windows for a Healthy Home & Economy

Unprecedented Savings for Your Home! 15% Off Your Replacement Windows!

Currently, we are offering our better windows & doors at the lowest price you’ll find all year! If you, like many homeowners, are currently undertaking the most thorough spring cleaning ever, our better windows & doors were carefully researched, chosen for their superior energy efficiency, durability, curb appeal, & airtight seal. So now that we’ve cleaned our homes, the question is “how do we keep them that way for today & tomorrow’s healthier lifestyle?”

If you currently have a proposal, we are offering an additional discount (25% in place of the 15% cash discount) for a very limited time to keep our economy, cash flow & workload going. Sunrise Windows (our primary manufacturer, Omni Windows (our top shelf installation company & Truwin are all pitching in to provide unprecedented savings. But this offer is limited only until the stay-at-home guidelines are lifted and things return to normal.

We care about your safety and are following all CDC guidelines. Please know:

  • Construction is listed as an essential business
  • We are maintaining strict adherence to all guidelines
    – Taking temperatures & continuously washing hands
    – Wiping down surfaces & cleaning with Clorox wipes.
    – Maintaining social distance & telecommuting to work
    – Limiting the number of people gathered to perform a task to 1-3 people.
  • The exact measurements needed to order your windows will be taken from outside (no contact with clients until installation)
  • Lead times are still only 6-8 weeks from contract to installation
  • Upon arrival, windows and doors will be stored in our secure warehouse
  • All clients will be given the option of next available install date or to keep windows in our warehouse until they are comfortable with the installation taking place.
window performance chart

When all available options are laid out & compared, our Sunrise V-Class window is chosen approximately 90% of the time by homeowners fortunate enough to be able to invest in their home!

This window has a narrow 2-3/4″ frame compared to typical vinyl frames of 3-1/2″. It is impressively durable, backed by the most owner oriented lifetime warranty in the replacement window business including accidental glass breakage, more energy efficient than the majority of competitor’s products due to its injection mold foam filled frame & Cardinal Glass’ factory sealed insulated double strength, double pane glass averaging 96% argon fill vs 65%, and  the most airtight (10Xs in fact .02 vs .2 air infiltration)product available on the market today!!! 

These numbers are not mere marketing spin but are the result of testing performed at Keystone Certifications, Inc., an independent lab which incidentally also tests windows & doors for fenestration standards such as U-Value, solar heat gain coefficient, design pressure & other structural & efficiency  qualities required by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) & the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). 

Why is all this important?

First, you should know that old aluminum single pane windows are too often poorly sealed as are many of today’s replacement windows. Secondly, though you might think dust, mold, pollen, allergens and other airborne pollutants that enter your home are brought in through the door; much of these unwanted elements infiltrate through Leaky, drafty windows & doors. The solution to a cleaner healthier home is to make these portholes through which we enter from & view the outside world more airtight. A cleaner, less drafty, healthier home is key to strengthening our family’s immune systems.

As you know, our economy is currently experiencing an unprecedented challenge. Here’s a smart investment that will not only benefit our families but will support local business by keeping friends & neighbors employed with money flowing through the economy while improving our home’s curb appeal, comfort & health. If you are fortunate enough to find yourself in a position to take advantage of the opportunity, we are currently offering the Sunrise V-Class window at the lowest price you will find all year. Our installers are all trained & supervised by Robert Bernot Sr., owner of Omni Windows -a man with 45 years window & door specific experience. I am Tom Harrigan, Senior Consultant for Truwin Windows, Doors, & Sidine. I have 15 years’ experience, would rather educate than sell, and have personally done the research with relevant articles published in magazines such as Dock Line & The Crown.

To discuss your project, feel free to call on me anytime.


Tom Harrigan
Sr. Consultant

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