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Benefits of properly installed siding

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Benefits of properly installed siding

How quickly can mold grow in Houston and why is that important for those considering siding replacement?

Before we talk about how quickly it can grow, let’s start with why. Moisture damage is the most significant reason siding is replaced in the greater Houston market. With the volume of precipitation and the high humidity Houston experiences, rot and mold will almost certainly be found once the siding is removed.  

Most siding companies will forewarn their clients to expect that. Moisture and humidity get trapped behind the siding and the weather barrier, and over time, this moisture takes its toll. Any good siding remodel company will address the issue by cleaning the mold and remedying the rot.

But what keeps this from occurring again? The conditions haven’t changed. The siding is still fastened tight against the sheathing and that traps moisture behind the siding again. The International Building Code has recognized this issue and states that a rainscreen that releases moisture from behind the siding is the best practice for siding replacement for all of the US, but especially in areas where there is 40+ inches of rain a year and high humidity. (That would be Houston and its surrounding areas, folks.)

Because of the damage water penetration causes, states like Oregon are beginning to require a water management system behind the siding to protect homeowners from costly repairs. Houston hopefully will follow suit because rot and mold is a greater issue here. And it doesn’t matter which siding product is installed, whether James Hardie, Allura or LP Smartside, without attending to the cause, siding replacement can be likened to putting lipstick on a pig’s snout.   

So how long does it take for mold to regrow behind siding? Studies show that with Houston’s weather conditions, mold can begin to grow in less than a week. The sad thing is that you will not know this until it is too late. 

Truwin recognizes this and will not install any siding without employing a water management system. We have confidence that the reasons you are replacing your siding today will NOT occur again. When you are ready to replace your siding, talk to the experts.

At 80 degrees, mold can grow in as little as 4 days.

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