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Choosing the Right Siding for Hurricane Protection

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author - Jay Chappo

Jay Chappell


Choosing the Right Siding for Hurricane Protection

For areas where potential hurricane damage can occur, it is important to have both the right type of siding and a siding company that will focus on the details. The right siding improperly installed can look great for years until it undergoes the stress a tropical storm can cause.   

In high wind geographies, such as we have on the gulf coast, having a high-performance siding is imperative. Two stand out in particular, fiber cement and LP Smartside which is an engineered wood siding. Both sidings withstand up to 200 MPH winds. Both are approved for Dade County, FL which has the most stringent building codes, as well as the codes that apply to the Texas gulf coast.   

There are a couple of differences between fiber cement siding and LP Smartside as it relates to performance. First, LP Smartside is rated at 200 MPH as a blind nailed product. Fiber cement siding requires a face nail that needs to be flush to the siding.   

Installers are not finishing carpenters so the possibility of a mis-nailed fastener is certain. With fiber cement siding, nails will be apparent. Homes by the coast not only want to stand up against wind; but also have great curb appeal. With a blind nailed siding, all nails are hidden by the previous lap so a homeowner can have both aesthetics and performance.  

Another huge difference is impact resistance. In a tropical storm, one needs to be concerned not only for wind speed but objects that might be thrown against the siding. And for this, there is no comparison. NASA, who understands the importance of impact resistance performed a comparison test between fiber cement and LP Smartside and hands down, the engineered wood siding outperformed fiber cement. This short video summarizes the results.

Additionally, LP Smartside also manufactures a structural lap and panel siding, that is 7/16” thick. As structural, it gives greater structural integrity to a house. While a 5/16” siding performs, for homeowners who are concerned about the stress a hurricane can put on a house, the added strength a 7/16” siding gives would be well worth it. Residential fiber cement siding only comes in a 5/16” thickness.  

With LP Smartside, your home will have about 1/3 fewer seams since it comes in 16 ft lengths. Fiber cement siding is 12 ft long. The fewer seams the better, not only for performance but for aesthetics.  

Lastly, comparing warranties, LP Smartside comes with a 50/5 year warranty on both the siding AND the trim. The siding is covered for 50 years and if the product fails within the first 5 years, labor is covered 100%. Fiber cement siding comes with a 30-year siding warranty and a 15 year trim warranty.  

While Truwin WindowsDoors, & Siding specializes in both fiber cement and engineered wood siding products, we feel the best value is the engineered wood siding. There is no cost difference but, in our estimation, significant performance and an aesthetic one.

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