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Introducing LP, THE best siding option for Houston.

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Introducing LP, THE best siding option for Houston.

Truwin and LP Smartside are joining forces!

The weather in Houston/Galveston region creates challenges for exterior siding products. Wind, precipitation, heat and sun exposure affects exterior siding greatly. Over the years, we have seen an evolution of siding products come and go, from aluminum to vinyl. Most recently, fiber cement siding products, such as James Hardie, have found acceptance because they address the weather conditions adequately.

Recently, LP Smartside has entered the residential market in Houston, and after seeing the benefits to the homeowner, (LP Smartside has been installed over 20 years) Truwin has decided to commit to LP to be their siding partner in Houston and all of southeast Texas. Both LP and fiber cement siding stand tall against Houston and Galveston weather. LP just does a better job. It has fewer seams to encourage water penetration because both its siding and trim are 16 ft lengths. LP smartside is better at resisting damage caused by impact of all sorts from hail to weed wackers. This video shows a test done by NASA.

Truwin is the company Houston trusts with its siding replacement projects. It is recognized as the premier window, door and siding company. LP smartside is the latest addition to its other exterior building products. Sunrise Windows and Glasscraft Doors are some of their partners in windows and doors. Both are excellent, customer-focused manufacturer’s who have never left their roots of innovative products and customer service, just like LP and just like Truwin.

Why choose Truwin & LP?

Truwin has distinctive qualities that other siding replacement companies don’t. Water management systems are critical for regions like Houston which have high moisture and humidity. Regardless the siding product, moisture will be trapped behind the siding without a water management system which will create the same issues (rot and mold) that causes siding failure. Truwin recognizes this and every replacement siding project will have water drainage behind the siding.

Truwin’s staff are experts in their field and you can trust them to provide the best installation based on current research with the best installers rated by the manufacturer. All at competitive prices.

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