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Why Do I Need Replacement Windows in Navasota, TX?

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author - Jay Chappo

Jay Chappell


Why Do I Need Replacement Windows in Navasota, TX?

Your windows might not come with a “Best If Used By…” label, but they still have an expiration date. The average window will last anywhere from 15-40 years, depending on the material, maintenance, window installation quality, and any warranties.

There’s a very significant gap between those possible expiration dates, of course, which can make it hard for homeowners to tell when it’s time to kick their old windows to the curb. How do you know when a replacement is on the horizon?

Before you start searching for the best Navasota, TX replacement windows, let’s take a look at some of the most common complaints and red flags that suggest it’s time for a change.

They’re Hard to Open

There are few things more frustrating than a window that gets stuck halfway open or closed. Over time, window materials may sag, warp, or swell with age. This can make them hard to open, or it can make them hard to keep open without propping the sash up with something.

If you’d like to let in the fresh air without struggling every time, window replacements are your best bet.

Your Home Is Uncomfortable

Your windows should add to your home’s comfort, not detract from it. However, older windows can make it hard to enjoy certain indoor spaces.

Drafts are a common complaint with aging windows. Pressure and temperature differences between your home and the outside air can create a suction effect that pulls warm air out of your home. This can make you feel a chill every time you pass an older window.

In addition, these drafts can make it harder for you to keep your home at the temperature you want. During the winter, your warm air may seep outdoors, and in the summer, your conditioned air may leak outside!

Your AC Is Struggling

On that note, let’s talk about your air conditioner’s performance with low-quality windows. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat gain and loss through windows consume around 25-30% of a home’s heating and cooling energy use as it is.

When older windows are letting more air escape from your home, however, your HVAC system will have to work even harder to reach the temperature on your thermostat. This, in turn, means it’s guzzling even more energy, which doesn’t bode well for your utility bills.

Worse, the added strain on your HVAC may lead to more frequent repairs. You may even have to replace a struggling system early if it’s working hard enough. At an average of $7,000 nationwide, this is one of the most expensive appliance replacements a homeowner can make.

Getting insulated double-pane windows can help with this. Better insulation prevents your HVAC system from working too hard, which can extend its lifespan and keep more money in your wallet.

The Glass Is Foggy

Fog between window panes is a visible red flag that you might want to start looking for a window replacement in Navasota.

Trapped moisture is often a sign that one of the seals around your windows has failed. This broken seal makes the window less energy efficient. Though there are ways to remove the moisture, it won’t change the fact that your window is now a poor insulator.

There’s Not Enough Sunlight

Natural light is great for your health. It helps you produce vitamin D, balance your sleep patterns, stay productive, and even feel calmer and happier.

If the rooms in your home always feel dark, you may be missing out on these benefits. Older windows are often smaller, and their glass may grow cloudy or discolored over the years. This can make it harder for sunlight to get into your home.

With a window replacement, you can make it easier for you and your family to enjoy all of the health benefits the sun has to offer.

Security Is a Concern

If you have fragile old windows with poor locks, home security might be a real concern. This is especially true with ground-level windows, which are among the most likely points of entry during a break-in.

If your windows are hard to open or painted shut, you might also be looking at a different kind of safety hazard. If you and your family have to flee during a fire or other threat, there are fewer possible exits to choose from.

Consider scheduling a new window installation to improve your home’s security and enhance your peace of mind. Some windows are even impact-resistant, making them a great choice to stand up to stray tropical storms and hurricanes without shattering.

It’s Noisy Outside

If you live in a busy area in Navasota, Texas, you might find the noise around your home frustrating. From heavy traffic to loud music to crowded shops and restaurants, it’s easy to start thinking there’s nothing you can do to avoid the sound.

That isn’t entirely true! While no window can silence the outdoors, high-quality replacement windows can muffle sounds. Double-pane windows are especially effective, and you can even install soundproofing inserts with certain brands. In addition to other soundproofing techniques, you’ll find it easier than ever to enjoy a quieter home.

Your Home Lacks Curb Appeal

Replacement windows don’t just improve your home’s functionality and energy efficiency; they also add to its beauty.

Consider swapping mismatched or aging windows for today’s modern styles. With a huge range of frame materials, finishes, colors, and types of windows, you’ll have no trouble finding an option to pair with your desired aesthetic.

Even better, boosting your curb appeal comes with a great financial benefit: added value. Research suggests that switching to modern, energy-efficient windows has an ROI of almost 70%, adding an average of $13,766 in value to a home.

Get Navasota, TX Replacement Windows Today

Here’s the bottom line: new energy-efficient windows can help you tackle all of the complaints above! From boosting your home’s aesthetic to saving you money, the right windows can do it all.

That’s where the specialists at Truwin come in. We’re proud to offer Navasota, TX replacement windows to property owners throughout the area, including quality installations at a competitive price. Check out the types of windows we offer and reach out for a free estimate today.

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